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Window Warsh FAQUpdated 8 months ago

Quick Q&A about our Window Washing Solution

Undrdog Window Warsh does what you think it should - washes windows. And extraordinarily well. 

Is Window Warsh RTU or a concentrate?

Window Warsh is a ready-to-use product. Simply spray an adequate amount onto a microfiber towel or directly onto the surface to be cleaned. 

Does Window Warsh streak in the sun?

It shouldn't, especially if you are using a proper technique. We suggest using a clean microfiber towel folded into four. Clean the glass using one side of the towel to do up and down. When that is complete, fold the towel in half and repeat, going side to side. Keep in mind that streaks can occur if you forget to wipe the product off and allow it to dry. 

Can I use Window Warsh on a car that has just been coated? 


Can I use Window Warsh on LED TVs and computer screens?

Yes. Most window cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can do damage to LCD and OLED panels, but Window Warsh is ammonia and dye-free. We've minimized the additives for a cleaner, more functional product.  

Do I really need to wear gloves and proper safety gear?

Yes, when working with any chemical, including ours, you should wear gloves and respiratory wear. No two bodies are alike and it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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