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Undrdog MembershipsUpdated 7 months ago

Quick Q&A about Undrdog Memberships

Selecting a Pro Membership will help you streamline your detailing business by allowing you to be ready for marketing promotions, and be one step ahead of the market while increasing your service margins.  

How will I get my free stuff?

Whether it's a monthly freebie or something that comes with a purchase, you have the freedom to select the model, type, and/or size for the item, if applicable. 

In the case of free Stickers with every purchase, you'll get a notification when you can pick a sticker you'd like and order it with a 100% discount.

How does the Baseline discount work?

Once you pick your Pro Subscription, the system will automatically apply a discount for every order you make, no matter the size. The baseline discount is called that way because you can combine it with other discounts, accrue and spend points on all orders. 

How does the shipping discount work?

Once you pick your Undrdog Pro Subscription, an automatic discount on all shipping rates will be applied to each order you make. This discount will concur with any other discount, including but not limited to, your baseline purchase discount. 

What are free Fridays?

Free Fridays is a campaign we run every Friday where we introduce a gift with a purchase you make on that day. The gifts are changing every Friday, so make sure you turn your notifications on for emails and SMS messages from Undrdog every Friday :) 

First dibs on products?

We are constantly working on introducing new products to our line, and some Undrdog Pro Subscription tiers will be able to try them first.

How does the Pro bottle trade-in work?

You send us empty bottles of Undrdog products, and we return one full. Bottle trade-in program is only available for Undrdog Pro 30ml at the moment. Please send us all the bottles in one shipment :) 

How does the Quarterly Draw work?

At the end of every quarter we will sum up all purchases (shipping and tax not included) Undrdog Pro members had during the quarter and take 5% of that for the draw. Based on the amount in the draw box, we work hard on getting the most interesting and attractive thing to give away to the lucky winner of the draw. The draw is handled by an algorithm that randomly chooses among the appropriate Pro Subscription members. 

What are special Pro level promos?

Occasionally, we run Professional-only promotions that apply to bigger orders or new products we release. If you're a part of the membership group, you'll be able to benefit from those as well. 


Undrdog Memberships are automatically renewed every month and can be canceled at any time.

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