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Rewards Program

Quick Q&A about the Undrdog Rewards Program

Create an Undrdog account to earn points and exclusive rewards every time you shop or refer someone. 

How to Check Your Points

Your current point balance and entire rewards history can be found at: https://getundrdog.com/pages/rewards-program

How to See Your Rewards History

Rewards history displays all the points you’ve earned and redeemed.  

How to Redeem Your Points?

Your points can be redeemed in two ways.

1. On the Rewards Program page 

You can choose to redeem 100, 1000, and 5000 points. 

Once you click on the button, a discount code will appear (see images below).

2. In the checkout

You can choose any amount of points you want to redeem by adjusting the slider. 

After you click the apply button, the discount will be calculated automatically.

I didn’t get the points for my purchase!

If you recently made a purchase and notice that you didn’t earn any points, the first thing you can do is check if the email you used to purchase is the one associated with your account. 

Don't worry, if you used multiple email addresses to order, we can always transfer points between your accounts.

How to Write a Review

Reviews cannot be left manually. You will receive an email or an SMS with a request to leave a review 5 days after your purchase. In case you miss it, you’ll receive email reminders 14 and 21 days after your purchase.

You can select a star rate, write a review and upload photos and videos.


Keep in mind that you can’t leave two reviews on the same products in a single month. 

If you add a photo or video to your review, it might take a day or two for your points to arrive. 

If you attach two or more photos/videos in the same review, you’ll only get points for one. 

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