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Pro NetworkUpdated 6 months ago

Quick Q&A about the Undrdog Pro Network

Become a member of the Undrdog Pro Network and get free, actionable leads, access to unique promotions, our knowledge base, and a pro-only forum.

Do I need an Installer Certification?

The main idea behind Undrdog Pro is to make a pro-grade product available to everyone. 

Because of this, as well as the fact that our coating is so easy to apply, you don't need to be certified to install Undrdog Pro.

On the $699 Deal, what is the coating being used and can I use a different one? 

As our Partner Installer, we only have one requirement - for you to use our coating, Undrdog Pro, in jobs you book with the help of our leads. 

Does the $699 Deal cover trucks and SUVs?

The $699 covers vehicles and mid-sized SUVs. Large trucks and SUVs are priced at $899. 

On the $699 Deal, are they coating windows, chromes, and plastic? 

Typically yes, but that will be something you’d want to discuss with the customer. The $699 Deal includes all paint and trimmings, but wheels and windshields are left to your discretion. 


The $699 Deal only covers a professional wash, paint decon, and application of Undrdog Pro. 

You can try to upsell the customers on any extra services you think they might need, at a price that both of you agree on. There are no fees or dues owed to Undrdog for upsold services.

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