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How to Use Undrdog WSPUpdated a year ago

Quick guide on how to use Undrdog WSP on any resilient surface

Undrdog WSP is a strong acidic mixture that removes water spots, mineral build-up, and tough stains through an easy wipe-on, rinse-off process. 

What's Needed:

  • Clean microfiber towels or terry cloth (at least 2)

  • Water and a wet towel

  • Hose or sprayer for rinsing 

  • Adequate lighting

  • Gloves

  • Face Mask

Step by step:

  1. Put on your protective gear and conduct a test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the color surface is safe to be treated with our water spot remover.  

  2. Shake the bottle well and drip contents onto a microfiber towel until damp but not dripping.

  3. Lightly buff the towel on the spotted and stained areas. Rinse well with water and remove all residue that is left.

For best results:

For a surface with new water spots, mix a 1:1 solution of WSP to water. For stubborn water spots, use as is, without diluting.  


Always store in a cool, dry location with the lid tightly closed.

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